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Here are the best links for the well-connected Lesbian, Gay and Bisexual Macintosh User in L.A.!

New Arrivals
Steve’s Résumé 
Apple-History, and  theAppleMuseum
Commercials Archive
Directories:  Google, and  Yahoo!
Jory’s Apple Icon Garden Adventure
The Mothership
Steve’s Blog, and  Magazine Covers
Stock Prices 

 Gay Archive  (gay male)
Cartoons  (illustrations)
CommercialCloset  (TV ads)
Directories:  Google, and  Yahoo!
Gay Financial Network  (money)
IMRU  (streaming radio)
Nifty Erotic Stories Archive  (fiction)
PerfectBeat  (music, & they use a Mac as their cash register)
Queery’s TV Guide  (info)
SissySquad  (flash)
soc.motss  (newsgroup)
Steve Does Bill  (fiction)
Which Backstreet Boy is Gay?  (flash)
Yahoo! LGB Groups, and  World News
Yahoo! Male Porn Stars  (directory) 

  As the Apple Turns  (commentary)
comp.sys.mac.system  (newsgroup)
Directories:  Google, and  Yahoo!  (locator)
Feedback:  Adobe, and  Microsoft
Joy of Tech Comics  (illustrations)
MacFixIt  (info), and  MacFixIt Forums  (help)
MacRumors  (speculation)
Macs & PCs  (info), and  MacWindows  (help)
News:  MacCentral, and  Macintouch
O’Reillynet  (articles)
Spymac Galleries  (images)
TidBits  (commentary)
VersionTracker  (software)
Your Mac Life  (radio show) 

City of Los Angeles Official Website
Directories:  @LAGoogle, and  Yahoo!
Eats:  Pink’s Hot Dogs, and  Tommy’s Burgers
Hollywood Bowl, and  Hollywood Sign Cam
la.general  (newsgroup), and  la-motss  (mailing list) 
L.A. Public Library
L.A. Traffic Conditions
L.A. Weekly, and  TV Guide Listings
Museums:  LACMAMOCAet al.*
Public Transportation:  Dash, and  MTA
Sports:  DodgersKingsLakers, and  Sparks
Weather:  CNNL.A. TimesUSA TodayYahoo!
Yahoo! Maps or Driving Directions

 “i” Sites
Doug’s AppleScripts, and  Library Manager
iPod Lounge
iTunes Catalog, and  Publisher

Atomic Learning  (free training)
iPhoto Buddy
iPhoto Mailer Patcher

Atomic Learning  (free training)
Plugins:  EzediaStupendousVirtix
Unofficial FAQ, and  Yahoo! Group

Atomic Learning  (free training)
Cinematize  (reverse iDVD)
DVDthemepak  (free themes)

iRecordNow, and  KeyCamX
MacBuds, plus  iChatFinder, and  iSighting

iCal Exchange  (non .mac hosting)
iCalShare:  GayL.A.
MiCal  (menubar access to appointments)

Atomic Learning
Atomic Learning
Safari Enhancer

QMUG/LA asked its members to send in their “best” sites, and from them and contributions during our meetings, we came up w/ this.  Of course, “best” is relative and subjective, but we think this is a pretty good collection.  If you have any of your own you’d like us to consider, send ’em on in!

QMUG/LA also maintains a few other link-laden lists:  our annual “Top 10 Mac OS X Links” of sites and software, our annual “Gift Guide” of shopping links, our “How to Buy a Mac” of resellers, our Aug 2001 “Job Search Sites” list, and our Jan 2004 “Web Authoring VI” of misc. links.



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